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Monday, 09 June 2008

Cast The Way

High rise; You lie.
It’s a gross lie, they won’t try anytime to better our days.
So many souls die in so many ways; many don't fly and cursed drown in the filth; so many ways.
Ground down by the changing days.
Deranged; the weather; wears us down into fine powder.
Rotten scream louder and walk the way.
I rise, you lie.

So I cast my way to be walked by the task that I gained from the talk
that I had with my own inner bliss, and basically I learned where the mountain is,
that the climb is a fountain of risk and the fall; may take forever.

Covered in mist claw the rise; one day aim to reach the sky people.
Rolling thunder claim my voice.
Spirit dance to this profound choice, and equal each footstep to a mound of grace; and each good breath.
Exhale, this veil is a nest where the grail conceals what is really real:
the real deal waits for those that can really feel grace and have no fear to aim for space.

No Chance, Romance no Stance, Those Rats Know Sense. Don't Go; Stance;
Go Dance. Know War Dance. Those Rats Hoar Sense. It’s no more a frozen stance. War Dance;

End the winter:
Turn, the slow death Burn.
Bonified: setting one stone at a time; certified tone to rise.
A high arch and through will march high and large one soul at a time.

Castaway, cast the way; you who found the best way profound;
Around won't sway the sound; won't stay the ground;
No way the round road will grey my found note now.
Constructed, never my road constricted.
No; never my feet defeated; so long my strong walk.
Climb the ladder to another world.
None the matter: none the same. None has passed that in my past has a name.
We go to the higher world never to return here.
We went higher now we look down below: the low.
We go by and higher, higher high; and high are we.

(from Doctor Skinny) 



Thus The Rust

 See them rise to the sky: Oh Why?
See them, they're brave souls.
See them rise, waving back to you. We see, we see…
I know nothing else. Believe only what we see.
You know only what you've been through, and learned only what was deemed
true for the ones on the dull road, but you know we don't all have to walk in a line though.

A million past souls have reclined so that all that was earned
in the mind would glow with a little bit of shine from the soul.
The saints they paint in all these fine colors; each with their own taint defines roads,
and each won their game against the vile rogues, that born from the mind taunted their souls.
To take the mild roles, and choke the flame that made them all see a true power lies in each
and every seed, no matter how choked and sour. See them rise to the sky:

They're brave souls. Forever little feet walk the line on the hour deemed,
but a few choose the time to scour and clean;
what before they broke ranks was unseen: the rust on their eyes.

And a million flakes of crust in a cloud of dust they fall; a new light blinds those who knew it all,
and believed that the world was only so small: they now find whirls.
Thus the rust comes to bust into dust;
it's a must when the world only trusts a dire notion that the mind is us;
define emotion as a lower touch.

And the faith with many fine names is the sword that we use to divide those who gain or lose,
but the words that define first tame the mind to chose the same blind rules.
See them rise to the sky: They're brave souls. They're brave souls.
See them rise waving back to you. Breaking the notions apart; into a million parts.

Scatter them oceans apart into a million hearts, and let the motion
take part of dominions larger than the first archer.
They Rise from over the highs and planes; Spirits they won’t disguise the pain.
They ride for others own freedom and gain. Ever to be no captives again.
To break the old ball and chain; ever to claim their own dragons name,
and to be the kings of their own flame; with no blame and no shame and...

Rise: never bow down with no name. Never have doubt in your frame;
Spirits abound hold your flame. Rise: never bow down with no claim; Rise Highs;
I's Prize. Black holes; massive holes, I dive in so others know the rising other soul.
Snake rise, snake fire, snake bite, taste higher insight.
Glow to know this might so to show this grave night. Choke never, same flight takes us home forever.
Eagle wings; the world sings: the rust knows this won’t bring your rusty woes to no flow.
Too much dirt, dig yourself out, they did: they came back, they figured it out,
 it’s the same track for all us souls the same black.

 (from Doctor Skinny)


The Reckoning Beneath

So now I'm struck by your saz; enough!
great mass of love, fast;
my glance ain’t enough to blow dance;
your way, we play higher stance, and a;
real sparks they plague these hearts.
and if you wanna see marks don’t play me, right.
Just entertain these thoughts in your brain: the same game is fought by all.
Besides your certified stare, I can smell your flame in the air.
Because I'm true blue, these true colors see too few real true lovers.

Stare right here I hear these covers screaming over the nova and over the others;
feeling over the seen, and besides all the noise I hear the words in between voiced.
Tonight, there's one space, one place in time, two people split one frame of mind though.
Besides your certified stare, I can smell your flame in the air.
We not tired no.

Built our own room, where we stare at us, and no one soul but us can come and know within.
It's our only sin; it's our only dream: leave us to our seam.
Sweat drops on the table amidst one million words that bounce off the walls unable to be heard.
In my forehead, over and between the eyes the warmth begins to rise: chuckling you gave away,
running words they made their way, before they went astray.

Beneath all the words the unsaid is said worlds, two times hurled lips to stead dripping.
I'm not tripping ‘cause I know that you're flipping,
Desire running higher than your reasonable thinking; so don't fight it don't sway, I don't mind it if you stay my way.
Besides your certified stare I can smell your flame in the air.
Why do we grow when we see

(from: 1874Rankine)

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